From a few of our prosthetics patients

“When I was in rehab after my amputation, I was given three choices of companies that made artificial limbs. I’d never had a limb off before, so I didn’t know which to choose. I recognized Maine Orthotics and Prosthetics because I had orthotics made there, so I chose them. Phil and I just hit it off. I can’t say enough about him and how good he is. If I call with a problem, he’s right on the spot.”

—Jo’s right leg was amputated mid-calf because of complications of diabetes.

“I need a high-end industrial strength artificial leg. Between my work and my two little kids, it’s non-stop with me. The staff has bent over backwards to help me out many, many times. Getting to know everybody, right down to the receptionist and Kelly in the billing department has been incredible. You go in there and they say ‘Hey Ken, how are your kids doing?’ You know they’re excited to see you and it’s a good feeling.”

—Ken lost his left lower leg because of a work accident.

“Believe it or not, the prosthetic works better than the real leg. At Maine Orthotics I felt really comfortable and I always felt they really took the time to really listen to me and to what I needed. And they never rushed anything. It’s what I’ve always liked about here.”

—Todd’s lower leg was amputated after he seriously injured his ankle in a fall.

From a few of our orthotics patients

“Two words that come to mind when I think of Maine Orthotics & Prosthetics are expertise and precision. They really deal with very complicated structures, curved spines, for example. They’re also willing to spend the time with you. The orthotic person I worked with is Gail. She is terrific.”

—Janet has hammertoes and wears shoe inserts to help her walk comfortably.

“Because of the braces Maine Orthotics & Prosthetics made for me, I can stand and practice walking. They go all the way to the top of my thighs and are rigid support for my entire leg. I am determined to walk again. The braces are one of the best things to happen to me since my accident. In them I am upright and tall, which feels awesome.”

—Kimberly was paralyzed from the waist down in an automobile accident.

“Gail has been a huge help ever since Hailey was born. Anything I need, Gail is always right there. She knows everything! Every milestone has been a huge accomplishment. They said Hailey would never walk and now watching her practically running with her crutches and specially made braces is incredible.”

—Hailey was born with spina bifida. Her mother says they were told she would probably never walk.

“Bob Gallagher was very helpful as well as friendly and professional. I am very confident in his care. Thanks Bob" 

  —Terrance is one of our many patients that require orthotic intervention to improve his overall function during activities of daily living.